Saturday, November 24, 2007

missing the event of someone?

i have my award here being an early today for the very first time this month! what was it? a pick of a minutes to write an entry here since boss is not yet around?! wew..actually, didn't have enough sleep last night. i felt something is missing my night that i'm used to before i went to bed. don't know the reason:( i wish and prayed i would know later. as i walked down here heavy heart poured it seems i still need to drag myself walk positively. Hearts can't deny i honestly felt miss somone!:(

anyhow, it's saturday again! what would be my weekend then?mmm..the usual i think. i had invitation to night swimming pool party of rubilyn's 30th birthday. i love to go but im pretty sure won't enjoyed when monthly period is hitting here..aarggghhh! i do love swimming not this time:( i probably attend for picture taken only...waaahahahah well i am a camera "SHY" when every flash i pose! Friends knew it already my weakest. If anyone of them would invite me they surely bring their own camera because they know i won't go with them without it..heheh kidding! well its good if in every place has something to remember, right?:P

gosh..better go now. time is up!:) Happy weekend everyone!:)

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