Friday, November 09, 2007

The right to care

Elderly people being left alone too long by family and even by the residential home staff is one of the typical fears of our era and culture And not just a dark image of a pessimist. It happens to millions of elderly people. And it worries millions of family members and professionals in the home care. Valid reason is the time pressure for relatives, and a lack of trained personnel and budget for the others. Without a doubt they all want to make time and the right decisions, give the right care home. To their regret the workaday troubles prevent a fully care for those who deserve the best. offers a clear and accessible site for them who want to orientate. To find the best possible home that suits the needs of their loved one(s). It starts with the Home Search itself and the Care Options. Next the News & Views with comment from experts and tips. It closes with Have Your Say, which enables you to talk to other users. It will help a sad decision change into an easier and right decision!

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