Sunday, November 11, 2007

Great imagination

Coming from the airport I look on out to see my first glimpse of this city’s Number One Attraction: Edinburgh Castle … and there it appeared! What a majestic piece of firmness! It wasn’t the last time this Scottish gem seized me by the throat. Try to avoid it in the weekends, and come storming in during working days: you can feel Lord of the Castle then. With a magnificent view on the town at the Edinburgh hotel . From the walls down you can follow the Golden Mile (in fact there are two: there’s one right under your feet while shopping there. You can walk this one too, if you dare!). Don’t forget to take a peek at the National Gallery of Scotland: Rembrandts, Titians and van Gogh’s are together with the most refined collection of Chinese artifacts I’ve seen lately at the National Museum of Scotland a display of the local refined international charm! Edinburgh accommodation let showered the good service. It feels me ecstasy of this trip!:)
One more gem I don’t want to withhold: getting out of the castle right at the gate, make sure to get into the Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre, it’s not cheap, but what a choice, what a marvelous souvenir, being back home.

My Manchester accommodation gives me the relaxing and wonderful stay and tour the city. Get your kilt on and surf to and start your journey.

I know the questions after reading this. "have i gone to this place?" a big NOT YET!, it was only my imagination that soon would be my steps to do. am i insane this? no again. remember dreaming is absolutely FREE!

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