Wednesday, October 24, 2007

my beloved boss

i supposed to be delightful when the floor of the office is all mine. My boss is on leave again today! that means the freedom is mine here. actually we were only two of us but sometimes we could not get each others same interest. retorting about my working relationship here would get me a new head! hehe.. infairness to my boss, i adore him because of his dovotion to his child and family that nothing else in his head except his family's future. He is in the process for greener pasture on his career. A month or few from now he would be in land of his dream for childrens futures and family! i am wishing his new endeavor in life!

what have i uttered is way from what should i expressed.yes, the floor is mine when i have unlimited time in the computer meaning have more time to write the paid post blog. hehe of course the work load is always at my left hand! it's just so pity on me when this thing couldn't do it everyday here in the office even before the working time. ooopppzzz HR is to

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