Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sir you are late!:P

eheemm.. its 9:05 my boss is late and so am i!:P its not a book of record of my tardiness this is the very first 5 minutes. so meaning kadaghan diay? no for this month only..hehe I usually arrived 45 to 1 hour before my working time. Just today that the jeepney was laggard as a cow and have to stop every corner to pick up passenger. i am aware of this actually, another reason was waking up so late which i knew that i would spend 30 mins in the bathroom and in just bling of 15 mins today! thats amazing to my family..hehe i wonder why my boss is late maybe because the delayed of his travel from Bohol attending the burial of his father-in-law. i don't know, what i know is there are so many works today only him knows!:( i wanted to extend my help but never have a single idea what to do. so i better write my blog and wait him. what a shame! heheh

oh yeah im so tired, sleepy and hungry! anyone will share some coffee? oohhh no sorry, i don't drink coffee. usually my breakfast is bread and can't live my morning without bread!:P

ciao for now. i might prick my eyes since no work will i could do here.:P

Happy Thursday everyone!


norm: mana diay ko ana imong tagay gikan to kang genny pero naa lang to survery2 but still i do it kay nahan man ko. para nalang sad ko masulat diri.. matsalam norm!:)

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