Thursday, September 13, 2007

Over 5 Free Hours of International Phone Calls!

A call is still the obvious way of communication with our long distance family and friends that we spent such limited time with, too often. International calls can be quite expensive, can’t they? And such financial pitfalls! However it’s priceless to hear how they get along. And what’s happening over there.

Recently, my mother was amazed with my sister’s infinite call from Michigan. They spent more than an hour chatting about one thing and another. Later on I learned that my sister signed up the global brand of virtual calling cards, Pingo! That gave her a free 5 hours international call instantly, on the spot! Not to mention the $8 dollars of free calls. It is not only free calls that she received but she’d started a lucrative deal as well: each customer she refers to Pingo will pay her $15! More over: there’s the Pingo Business and Family Plan with bundled savings. And Pingo Mobile with up to 90% savings on international cell phone calls! No equipment purchases needed with cheap international calling cards. No hidden fees! Isn’t that great to our wallet?

To join Pingo is a good choice, because of its reliable network with over 1 billion International phone minutes each month!

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