Thursday, September 20, 2007

Miss Someone 5

21. What do you think about loving someone, but he/she is not yours?
. darn, i tried that before... he was mine, didnt know i was sharing him with
someone at first.. sakit xa oist! :(

22. Have you ever tried loving someone who doesn't like you?
. nope.. i always love people who loves me... i want to be pampered and then
pamper at the same time... those people who doesnt love me? i let them fade
away.. gone in oblivion..

23. Have you ever dumped someone?
. yeap, and im sorry for it.

24. Did you ever get in a relationship with someone you didn't love?
. i did... i liked him a lot though.

25. Have you ever hurt someone who loved you so much?
. yeap... and im sorry already for what i did...

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