Saturday, September 15, 2007

Break 14

31. Honestly, how old are you now?
-- Physcally or mentally?:P well, mentally--16 yrs young, physically- off to calendar?!?

32. Honestly, what song are you listening now?
-- none..sound of aircon:(

33. Honestly, who do you want to meet at this very moment?
-- someone from a far far away land..:P

34. Honestly, where do you like to be kissed?
--depends to the relationship. if friendship or intimate..heheh

35. Honestly, do you have a deadly disease?

--deadly smile, haha. just kidding. of course none!:(

36. Do you hate someone right now?
-- hate is such a strong word

37. Honestly, who/what do you wanna hug?
-- the person I love mostL

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