Saturday, August 25, 2007

Break time 3

1)Whom did you last go out with
*** my current and former boss!:)

(2) What do you want to receive on your
*** laki?!! hihi

(3) Reach your hand out to the right.
What do you touch?
*** d mouse

(4) What time did you sleep last night?
*** almost 12am

(5) What's the wallpaper on your
*** boracay pics

(6) What can you hear besides the
*** the worship songs i played

(7) Do you agree to the saying "to
Forgive is to forget"?
*** nope

(8) When was the last time tears
started to roll down your cheek?
*** that was i guess 4 days ago..

(9) What/who makes you happy?
*** loved ones

(10) What makes you sad?
*** broken promises, unfulfilled
commitments, rejections

(11) What are your favorite books?
*** mythology books, travel guide books

(12) What would you like to have right
at this moment which seems totally
*** hmmm... basta.

(13) Who will you turn to if you have a
huge probLem?
*** My sister in MI and close friends i can trust,

(14) What's your favorite song at the
*** all worship songs..i often played before i start my work:)

(15) What was the last song that kept
ringing on?
*** im listening now worship songs.."open your eyes" thats kept it ringing now!:P

(16) What was the best event that
happened last year?
*** hmmm... best? i think when i finally embrace the person i long for to see?!?!

(17) Where did you go today?
*** im in the office after work maybe in Ayala or Sm?

(18) Last thing you ate?
*** nothing..have to open my mail first and answer this?!?

(19) Who were you with?
*** my ever beloved boss!:)

(20) Have you gone to the beach just w/
your buddies?
*** last June

(21)Do you love sunsets?
*** yea, im a hopeless romantic fool

(22)When is your b-day
*** 03.29.**

(23)What are your wishes for your
*** peace of mind, happiness

(24)Who do you wanna be w/ on the day
of your birthday?
*** family and loved ones

(25)Have you ever felt that you've been
taken for granted?
*** yeah and i hate it, but i know how
to protect myself from it na

(26) thing/s you regret?
*** yeah.. there are a few things.

(27) Is there anything else you want to
do besides answering this survey?
*** yeah, need to hurry my workload this hour!:(

(28)What's the most important
question that lingers in your mind
*** why can't it be?

(29)cookies n' cream or double dutch?
*** double dutch

(30)Chocolate cake or brazo de
*** chocolate cake definitely

(33) Do you like spongebob?
*** nope

(35) Who's the last person you texted?
*** at this early morning?nope drain ako bat

(37) KFC or Kenny Rogers?
*** KFC

(38)Beach or CAMPING?
*** beach

(39) Hotdogs or cheesedogs?
*** cheesedogs

(40) Do you like Shawarma?
*** not at all

(41)is there someone you're missing
right now?
*** yeap!

(42)Do you love someone right now?
*** yeah but he never knew!:(

(43) Where did you go last Friday?
*** im homebody person!:(

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