Friday, August 24, 2007

Break time-2

1.Have you said "I love you" today?
-- i love u all!! well i guess i said
2. What's one thing you actually
remember about PREP?
-- one thing and the only thing i
remember was i wasn't able to attend a
prep school
3. Did you cry at your graduation or
college? i was like "so that was it?
just a roll of this blank bond paper
and it's done??!!"

4. favorite movie?
-- sweet november,cutting edge,how to
lose a guy in 10 days, the
notebook,pearl harbour,serendipity..i
guess love stories

5. What's the last thing you think
before going to sleep at night?
-- what will i have for tomorrow

6. What are your nicknames?
-- latest? angel:), glorie, glory, indhay and gloria

7. How do you calm down when your
extremely angry?
-- i burst into tears then i try to

8. A movie or a long walk in the beach
on a date?
-- long walk in the beach

9. What are 3 of the first things you
notice in a guy/girl?
-- body built,eyes,scent

10. Would you ever date someone covered
in tattoos and piercings?
-- ewes never

11. Would you want a house at the beach
or in the mountains?
-- both but not a house maybe a rest

12. What are 2 of your favorite colors?
-- blue and pink

13. What time is it right now?
-- 10:15pm

14. Are you a party animal or someone
who prefers to stay in a quiet place?
-- i like to party but most of the
time i like to be alone and figure
things out

15. Do you prefer dogs or cats?
-- dogs

16. Would you drive 100 miles for the
one you love?
-- sus..i would love to

17. Does love really make you act
-- mulangs

18. Are you brave enough to tell a
guy/girl you like him/her?
-- depende..huboga ko

19. What do you usually do when you're
starting to fall for some guy/girl?
-- i tried to ignore him i dnt like
making flirty flirty just to get his
attention the heck

20. Have you ever had diarrhea and
vomited at the same time?
-- wala oi..vomit coz labian ka hubog

21. Do you like shrimp or crab legs
-- shrimp

22. what's the last thing you often do
before going to bed?
-- pray

23. Who is the last person you high-
-- forgot!:(

24. Have you ever drank milk straight
out of the carton?
-- wala

25. Do you think you're stupid?
-- sometimes

26. Have you ever flown a kite?
-- nope

27. Do you consider yourself
-- in some way- yes!:)

28. Where is your cellphone?
-- right infront of meh

29. what do you usually do when you're
-- window shop

30.what are your plans for today?
-- shower and sleep:(


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