Saturday, July 21, 2007

Unfortunate me?

Supposed to be at these hour, Ylan and company and I would be on the road dashed to Bantayan Island. Unfortunately, personal reasons that cannot be avoided arose. I was very very bad when i knew i couldn't go. My excitement to finally savor the beauty of Bantayan, the effort on the last minute shopping, the confusions of what would be the best suit, the packing, turns nothing?!? I was hurdling forward to that island. aarrggg my heart is aching thinking their enjoyment splashing the white sand. Shall i stop here ranting? it made me ___!!! :(


Anonymous said...

hala kaluoy ang laagan wala ka uban.:(

Anonymous said...

wahhhhh sayang day glorie :)
musta naman ka? dia ako nangadlawon oi hehehhe anwyay take care always:)and enjoy the rest of your week:)


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