Friday, July 27, 2007

Meet Spain

Travel is everyone's passion. We love to explore: different places, meeting different people, and know their cultures. Dreaming of travel around the globe: Spain will be part of it.

Whatever the season, intrests and the company you got: Spain offers you a guaranteed satisfaction. The only downside might be to realize it’s too much to make a’ll have to come back again to this Mediterraean wonder with so many faces. Through the year there are numberous of (regional) festivities. From North to South. From Bilbao, in the very north, where you’ll find the most non-typical mediterranean ambience of all Spain. Nevertheless, with its grand modern Guggenheim
Museum (just 500 metres away from 3 star Abba Parque Hotel Bilbao) it offers you an international contemporary feeling. Just around the corner you’ll find yourself in the more traditional regional centre: the Mercado de la Ribera Hall, that will show all its glory of fresh sea-food. Bilbao is also a good starting point to visit Santiago de Compostella. You don’t have to join the pelgrims by foot, you can hire a car. Enjoy the North Spanish landscape totally different from all the rest of Spain. Don't worry where to stay Hotels in Spain are conveniently available suiting to your pocket.

In the centre of the Iberian Peninsula you’ll find the bustling city of Madrid. Proud capital of Spain, with the awe-striking Palacio Real and the Prado Museum. Enjoy the Madrilenos with wining and dining 24/7. Expect traditional stews here more than the mediterranean cuisine. Visit the Antocha Quarter for it, after you have strolled along the many art galleries there. Excited?, visit they offer a hot deals and discounts forHotels in Madrid .

Further south, between the snowy mountains and the Mediterranean Sea Barcelona will rise up. ‘Bama’ as its nicknamed by its own people. Perhaps the most modern city of all Spain, but it has no trouble in walking hand in hand with traditions. The 1992 Olympic Games have started a continious growth of modern arch. To find the best Hotels in Barcelona

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See you soon?..:) see you here more update of the world tour!!!

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