Sunday, August 05, 2007

Fiesta- gutom

In some reason just remembered the fiesta in Talamban, it was my very first time to attend since my stay here in Cebu. My colleague Robelyn invited me to have lunch but didn't make it because my other appointment was not done early. we were empty stomach on our way it was intentionally so that we could be like a pig as we dine in,hehe.. Wish was precisely granted because we were stranded on traffic for 3 hours, the "bitok" worm in our stomach murmuring they could even bitten all our intestines. It was my first to witness how huge the crowd celebrating their fiesta. it could be half the crowd to the biggest Fiesta here in Cebu, "Sinulog"... there were no longer public and private vehicle start on USC-Talamban. Some vehicle insistently parade the other way and took us 3 hours.:(

We all knew that Pinoy will survive especially "pakals" is the destinations. Sacrifice was fruitful because our stomach suffice enough..hehehe

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