Monday, June 18, 2007

Mall activity

It was was a laid back weekend that i decided to roam around the mall. I'd never knew that there was weekend activity in Ayala aside on a mall wide sale. When Ylan and I met in Ayala Friday noon, excitedly told her that Maria Flordeluna will have its mall tour knowing it will be on the following day Saturday unfortunately it was on that day (Friday). To be honest, I don't know this soap opera as it shown in ABS-CBN, when i saw the pics of Albert Martinez, gosh my idol: a family man and one of the ultimate "old hunk". who wouldn't want to join the parade just to see these hunk?

Cast of Maria Flordeluna- sorry wala ko kaila nila :(

waaahhhh gamay nalang nag kupot sa akong panty. guapo jud siya!:P

Try to see the crowd?

unsaon ga day dreaming man ko n Albert..hehe

June 16, 2007- Saturday
- I had read in the ad that Brownman Revival will have free concert in Ayala, again one of my favorite band. To lonely when u were alone to hear them but happy to see your favorite band. I am celerbating myself independently watching the activities in Ayala. However, i'd never felt alone rather happy to be alone when firworks display's on. I was completely enjoyed watching and taking video. u can click them on.:-)

for me all of them, are WAFOOOO....

ako ra ang walay kauban diri..sila lingaw kaayo with their group!:(




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kookie said...

william martinez kita naku ana nya oi kauyab mi aton una lol.


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