Saturday, June 02, 2007

4 questions

I'd better answer this tagged. Sorry Gen just got back from Camotes.:(

4 jobs I had

  • - Club Ultima-Crown regency
  • - Rai-Rai Ken Japanese Restaurant
  • - Club Panoly Resorts Boracay
  • - Waterfront Lahug

4 movies i watched over and over
  • - All my collection: Love story

4 places i’ved lived

  • - Cagayan de Oro City ( Place of Birth)
  • - Cebu (where i grew up)
  • - Camotes ( for vacation)
  • - So far wala na...aii naa diay Ormoc for about 1 month

4 Stations i like to watch

  • - I don't have particular stations to watch since my face is hooked in the computer and outside the house :D

4 Of my favorite food

  • - Japanese food
  • - Filipino food
  • - Mexican
  • -Italian

4 Places i’ved on vacation

  • - Boracay
  • - Ilo-ilo/Bacolod
  • - Bohol/ Camotes
  • - Hongkong and China (during my college days)

4 Places i’d rather be right now

  • -Michigan( dream to visit my lovely sister) and other place of USA
  • - Asia( i only love to visit)
  • - Europe ( i wanna meet some of my close friend)
  • - Boracay- i love the beach!

4 people that im gonna tag
  • - I am pretty sure everyone had been tagged already. Sa uban na wala pa segi try this one!:)


genalyn said...

hi mam glor,thanks kaayo sa pag tubag sa akoang tagay..Kanindot nimo mam oy naka adto naman ka sa boracay,ibog raba kaayo ko sa mohang pictures.happy weekend diay mam glor.

glorie said...

ur welcome Gen..pan-os naman gani kaayo akong pagtubag..hihi ikaw sad naka adto naman sad ka Palawan unya one of my dream mana nga place adtuan.hihi


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