Thursday, May 10, 2007


I read these questions from friendster and i try sharing this one to all of you guys here!:P
1. First thing you did this morning:
-----> woke up..

2. Last thing you ate:
-----> paksiw na it!

3. Is your cell phone a piece of crap?
-----> dont think so..

4. What's the thing you look forward to most in the next 7 months?
-----> to be in the place where my love one waiting for me?!? naa diay ko? hehe

5. What's annoying you right now?
-----> The song i love you goodbye played all the time...

6. Whats the last movie you watched?
-----> Forgot already for it has been 4 yrs sinced i watched movie..

7. Do you believe in long distance relationships?
-----> depends... i guess if two people are willing to make it work then it will work

8. What's worse... being in love with someone you can't have or pretending to love someone you don't?
-----> pretending to love someone you're fooling the person and yourself...

9. Is there someone you miss so much it makes you sad?
-----> YES!

10. What inspires you?
-----> life, friends, family

11. If you could put together a concert of 5 bands, who would you choose?
-----> lifehouse, 3 doors down, counting crows, side a

12. Lyrics that sum up your love life?
-----> any song for the dead :P (ahahhaha! atz)

13. Whats the one thing you wish you could do better?
-----> more strategy in the business..

14. If you could do anything this second, what would it be?
-----> disappear and then appear in US or Europe!

15. What's your most vivid memory from 6th grade?
-----> ahahaha! when i dragged my classmate in the floor...

16. Latest addiction?
-----> Spa, and sleep...

17. Have you ever had the slight urge to kill someone?
-----> not really...

18. How many people would you say you were interested in at this moment?
-----> one hmmnnn

19. Who are you in love with?
-----> hah? ambot jes might be forever?!!...heheheh

20. Do you think someone thinks about you daily?
-----> haha dunno... i wish there is!

21. Are you self confident?
-----> yeah not all the time though

22. What would you change about yourself?
-----> being a worrier sometimes

23. What book are you reading right now?
-----> none

24. How many people do you know with the same name as yours?
-----> so many...GMA is one of them!

25. What was the last thing you spilled?
-----> none....

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