Saturday, April 28, 2007

Boracay Escapade

The Philippines is the perfect place to visit for island hopping and traveling from beach to beach. Boracay is one of the most famous places in the Philippines and certainly the biggest tourist centre because of its fantastic ' White Beach' and great diving and snorkeling opportunities. This island is so very different than everywhere else in the Philippines that I have visited. it is strange to be able to walk through air conditioned shops and walk along tarmaced roads. There are restaurant here of every possible nationality and shops selling, we all sorts of tat. And it is fantastic! We are having a wicked time, desperately trying not to spend our whole budget in this very cool place.

ahh dili diay si Eigeman ang uyab ni Nikki Gil..tsk tsk...the buzz!:D

--- Our heartfelt thanks to Pax for the time he spent to us. Though he was busy with his other guest but he'd never left us. Pax sa u-ulitin ha..:)

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